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Garbage Landfill

Affiliated Garbage Landfill Sites

Waste Connections’ municipal garbage landfills are more than a place to dump your solid waste. Our landfill sites minimize the impact waste has on our environment. When you come to dump your garbage, we use an environmentally safe methodology and adhere to strict federal Subtitle-D, local, and state requirements.

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    Waste Connections’ Sustainable Landfill Sites

    We’re aware of our responsibility to our communities. Waste Connections’ garbage landfills are more than a place to bring your solid waste. Each one is expertly engineered to protect the environment and responsibly serve the communities in which we’re located. Our landfill sites help reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. We harvest methane gas, a clean-burning fossil fuel alternative, as a renewable source of energy. This gas powers homes in our communities, local industry, and our fleet that picks up your garbage.

    Every garbage landfill actively reduces odor, controls litter, and prevents infestation from insects and rodents. A composite liner protects the groundwater from leachate, and we closely monitor the groundwater to make sure there is no contamination. Waste Connections’ garbage dumps are built in geographically safe areas. Very often, we’re able to improve our surrounding areas further with the creation of wetlands and public trails.

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    These best practices extend out into our communities

    We’re committed to our cities and towns because our employees live and work in the places we serve!

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    Waste Transfer Stations

    Waste transfer stations are facilities where municipal solid waste is unloaded from collection vehicles and briefly held while it is reloaded onto larger long-distance transport vehicles for shipment to landfills or other treatment or disposal facilities.

    Workers at local transfer stations sort the garbage dropped off by delivery trucks. Items that aren't accepted at local landfills, such as batteries or other hazardous items, are removed before the remaining materials are compacted and reloaded onto trucks, trains or barges to be taken to a final destination.

    Public and Commercial Garbage Dump

    No matter your needs, our garbage landfill sites can take care of your solid waste. Whether you have a spring cleaning project or have commercial needs, you’ll find friendly assistance and professional service at Waste Connections.

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